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  Designers seem to either be barn or come from the other professions, having left career of engineer, architect, economist or mathematician forever.
  This longing for creative work will certainly result in realization of his vocation. Igor Yarovenko is a very big and kind man. He doesn't like people to call him a designer and determines himself as kustar-master-usta as they say in the East.
  Igor creates is his small atelier there where he lives. Like real master he makes everything himself. He designs, sews, makes all necessary parts and decorations. If he needs snake's skin he creates it. It's a matter of principle. He uses wood feather, leather, metal for his bathing suits and corsets. There is no triviality, hackneyed work, or any wish to expose something. As a real master he is lager to create something most beautiful, new and unusual. His good taste, knowledge of engineering and cheerfulness help him. That's why it is so difficult for him to copy his works. He'd better make everything himself rather than explain somebody how to make it. I believe that Igor will merit universal acknowledgement and commercial success as a very interesting, contemporary designer.


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