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Basic Models

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  Rather a great number of firm make bathing-suits of high quality but all of them, as a rule, are made for standard figures. These standards fit not for everyone so the problem of choosing the swimwear arises.
I create bathing-suits personally, taking into consideration all the peculiarities of your figure.
The meaning of the title Base Models Catalogue is relative because many models connecting or dividing each other form new models.

             For example, model #9 comes out
   of model # 110-3

and model # 204

  Models from # 101-1 to # 101-12 and models from # 106-1 to 106-3 can be made like overall variant.

             Thus the top of model # 1 is used
   in model # 101-12

 There are all possible sizes of exemplary bathing-suits for every base model. You may try on several different maillot or bikini about the same size. Who knows may be one of them will fit you better than that on which you had paid attention at first. When you have chosen at last that very model you liked best, choose the shape of the hip cut.
The main thing in wearing bikini bottom is to set it straight as seldom as possible. So it is necessary to choose the shape of the bottom too. The top of the swimwear is selected depending on the shape and size of the breast. There is a wide-spread mistake that the maillot with scoop back can keep up the breast and line the waist. If you open your back you won't be seen at all. It `s also not worth while wearing tight bathing-suits like corsets. A bathing-suits is an over wear and if is rather small or too tight you will see all the shortcomings of your figure.
The variations of usage of different decorative elements and combination of fabric are in the section Catalogue.

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