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  How do you choose your swimsuit? Probably you like the bathing suit in the catalogue. Even if you have the same figure as the girl in the picture, you can't be sure that this swimsuit will look the same on you.
Of course you can purchase it in the shop. It's much better as you can try it on before buying. And now everything depends on how much you like yourself and your new swimsuit.
If it's good enough it will become you, if not, you will have to decorate it. You like the model and color, and you are not worried by such trifles as some small folds on the bottom or loose bodice, then everything is O.K. Buy it. May be you will alter the closure, but nothing can be done with the bottom.
By the way remember while buying your swimsuit that capacity of wet LYCRA to restore itself is about 50%, that's why your swimsuit will be loose on you in the water.
I am not going to advise you which color or hip cut to choose.
You can read about it in any magazine. The only advice is- don't try to hide your faults in a tight swimsuit so that you could look thinner in it. Tight bathing suit will only underline all the faults on your body. Choose several swimsuits, try them on and move. If your breast doesn't move apart of the swimsuit and the bottom is rather on its place then buy it. And one more thing- don't try to buy the most modern thing. The most modern swimsuit for you is that becomes you best of all.
  Please pay attention on care instructions. A lot of customers make the same mistakes.

Care instructions

Hand wash in warm water.
No iron.
No bleach (all most all detergents contain bleach).
No centrifuge (don't wring).
No dry-cleaning.
  • Don't soak if it is multicolored.
  • Wash with soap.
  • Dry smoothed out after washing.
  • Rinse the swimsuit after bathing in a swimming-pool.
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