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  High stretch characteristic features of Lycra materials need special technology of sewing. After cutting the fabric should be sewn as soon as possible. The more the cut parts are left unsown, the more problems you face. It is necessary to avoid stretching of the fabric during sewing or you will find your product twisted. That's why it is not possible to try on a swimsuit before it's completely been finished. Determination and correction of the size is fulfilled by trying on base swimsuits.

Some details of technological process are shown further.

Change of hip cup.

Strap location variants.
Manufacturing and use of various kinds of cups <further>
More then 30 different in size and shape underwire cups are used in models of swimsuits.All of them are made by hand out of stainless steel wire.
Dyeing and drying of the ends of underwire cups.
The embroidery is carried out
by machine Janome Memory Craft 5000 and Scan ` n Sew II. <to look>

At scanning multi-colour figure it is very difficult to combine among themselves fragments. For improvement of work of the scanner the plastic insert which is established the the scanner is used. <further>

From a synthetic material of various curvature, assembly etc., further sewed on оверлоке, preliminary it is possible to connect details of a product by means of the device for a burning out on wood.
Fastening of feathers on a material.
Drapery of a material <further>
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