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Drapery of a material.

The standard adaptation for a drapery of a material is altered. Idea remarkable, and it is made not so.
The spring almost at once has become worthless. It was necessary to proceed(pass) to a hour spring. Having rejected variant of the soldering of a spring which appeared unreliable, the spring unit in which replacement of a spring (1) is possible(probable) was made.
On unit of fastening of a needle the tube (a fragment of the telescopic aerial) for reduction of friction (2) puts on.
The bottom part of the adaptation for a drapery of a material leaves, as it is inconvenient for a mirror drapery of details. Instead of it (3) L-shaped steel plate (4) is established by fixed to the case of the machine a bolt. The last is made for machine " Janome ". If you work not with a thin knitted cloth or for you the machine with continuous игольной a plate the L-shaped plate may and not be necessary.
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